Saturday, August 22, 2015

A List of What Foods Help You Lose Weight

What Foods Help You Lose Weight - Diet isn’t neither fasting nor doing more and more exercise, but it is also about what foods help you lose weight. When you are in diet mode, it is important for you to pay attention to what you are going to eat daily. Moreover, diet is not about fasting. Don’t ever try such horrid thing like not eating the whole day, as the body requires adequate nutrients every day. Therefore, it would be better for you to eat in small portion every three hours rather than does not eat at all. However, the question is: what kind of nutrients should be eaten? This can be a problem for everyone who tried to have a good diet. Most people try different approach, like fasting or eat only once a day, although such way would not give any good result at all. So basically, the idea is to control any menu to be served on the table. 

What Foods Help You Lose Weight

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This article would like to show you foods that fit into common diet plan designed to help you lose weight.

Foods for Lose Weight

1)    Potatoes

Hard fact: potatoes are not good because they have a high glycemic, which induce weight gain and cravings. However, this isn’t the main case. Potatoes is carb-heavy yet can be consumed in moderate amount. A medium spud contains fiber (3 grams), protein (5 grams), and 168 calories. Consume potatoes that much is still accepted.        

2)    Cabbage

This one is rich in antioxidants. You got vitamin C by consuming a medium cabbage. And more importantly, cabbage is a recommended immune-booster. 

3)    Cauliflower

This one is a member of cruciferous veggies, which rich in folate, vitamin C, and phytonutrients. 

4)    Pears and apples

You got 100 calories from a great, quality fruits. The both are cheap, and you also got lots of antioxidants and fibers. Consumption of apples or pears also helps reducing inflammation and increasing satiety, according to research. 

5)    Almonds

This is a perfect snack, designed to help you achieve healthier nails, skin, and hair. Eat 22 almonds (or 1 ounce of them) give you 160 calories. Almonds, at the same time, contain protein (6 grams), fiber (3 grams), vitamin E, and monounsaturated fat. 

6)    Lentils 

Serving the table with ¾ cup of lentils should provide you fiber (11 grams) and protein (13 grams). Lentils been used for thousand years as one of foods that helps people burn more fat. 

7)    Grapefruit

It is a house for potassium, folid acid, and vitamin C. Grapefruit is also good for heart, becoming a strong ally to fight atherosclerosis. Red and pink grapefruit also contain lycopene and vitamin A.  

8)    Lettuce

Lettuce contains 60-70 calories, and also must have foods on the table. You should put this on the diet list. Moreover, romaine lettuce also a house of manganese, folic acid, and vitamin B. To get more nutrients, you can also opt for purple or dark green lettuce. 

More foods like cacao nibs, radishes, hemp hearts, or spinach were also good to be included in diet list. So when you ask what foods help you lose weight, the list mentioned above will surely help you to pick a right one.